Hey there!
I am Roza Gazarian –

– a designer & artist from New York, currently based in London.

I am a co-founder of A Space Studio where I dream up and create functional art & design objects.

I am also currently working as a Product Design Architect at Amplify Education, an Emerson Collective EdTech company.

Occasionally, I am open to freelance projects and collaborations. You can request my professional portfolio via rozagazarian@gmail.com or Instagram.

This site contains a selection of personal work, which explores the intangible and the unseen: fragmented memories, connections between elements, relationships between self and the world, history and present. Though expressed through materiality, it is more about the space in-between than the elements themselves. With interests in architecture and minimalism, and feelings evoked by history and antiquity, the work searches for the meaning of what is not there, more so than what is there. Here is a glance at that ever-present longing for home, belonging, and heritage.

Stone Object No.1
– Sculpture
A nod to the personal heroes: Brancusi, Noguchi, Fonseca. Carved from lancaster stone. 
Home | I’ve Been There
– Collage
Using photographs shot in Armenia, this series of large scale collages explores the theme of home, absense, and belonging.
Barbican Collages
– Collage, Drawing
Inspired by the Brutalist architecture of Barbican complex in Central London, these collages are created using the imagery found in their monthly magazine. 

︎ Barbican Collection by A Space 
The Source
– Object Design

The Source is a collection of sculptural furniture, inspired by the material, craftsmanship, history and architecture of Armenia. Each piece is hand-carved from volcanic tuff.

︎ The Source Show Opening | Yerevan 2019
︎ The Source Miniatures in The Making

︎ The SourceCollection | A Space